Raid Courrier Sud – Dianosic supports Execution consulting

540 250 Philippe Bastide

Raid Courrier Sud – Dianosic supports Execution consulting


In Morocco, in the footsteps of St Exupery, Courrier Sud is a 5 days running and mountain bike team (4 members) experience. Every other day, a team must have on the start lane 2 runners and 2 mountain-bikers for combined events (relays, race against time, pair race, race by four, individual race,….).

More than just a race, Courrier Sud is first and foremost and human adventure.

It is in that setting that Dianosic supported Eric Fesson, from Execution Consulting, and his teammates. Looking after a common goal, Eric and his team have demonstrated their ability to excel themselves with a flawless team spirit, getting all roadblocks out of their way. Dianosic is humbled to be associated with it and proud to have brought our small contribution to this beautiful venture. AWSOME! ??? 


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