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Dianosic in the Press (La Tribune)

150 150 Philippe Bastide

Dianosic laureate of the i-Lab 2019 innovation contest

The jury of the prestigious “i-Lab” innovation contest, organized by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique, in partnership with BPI France, has rendered its verdict…. Dianosic is proud to inform you that we are laureate of this 21st edition of the contest.

Its objective is to identify innovative technologies from startups and to support the best of them with a financial grant. Laureates must bring a Proof of Concept and demonstrate the innovative character of their technology, its economic viability, its development potential (including internationally), the motivation and ability of the team to run a company, the quality and complementarity of the team and robustness of the IP strategy. Dianosic has met expectations on all those dimensions.

Being laureate of this top notch contest will allow us to significantly boost our project and give it a great visibility as we move forward. A huge thank you to all our partners in this exciting venture: SEMIA (our incubator in Strasbourg), Conectus, Biovalley France, the Région Grand-Est, BPI Alsace and Adira.


150 150 Philippe Bastide

Dianosic will be present at MedFit in Lille on June 25-26th

With 700 international participants from 25+ countries, MedFIT is a great opportunity to connect with international key innovators in the MedTech, diagnostic and digital health sectors.

As the leading European partnering event, MedFIT provides the ideal environment to help industry players to source early-stage assets, to facilitate the emergence of collaborative projects between big players, public research institutions, start-ups and SMEs, to increase licensing opportunities, to obtain funding and to facilitate market access.

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Dianosic has been selected to pitch on June 26th within the context of the “startups slam”, which will take place between 2 and 3.30 pm in the l’Innov’area. Moreover, Dianosic will have a workstation (booth IA8) in the hart of the  Innov’area.  Come visit us!

150 150 Philippe Bastide

DIANOSIC in the press…

Seen in Innovation Review (translation of the article published on December 16th, 2018):

“The healthcare sector is bubbling since the combined rise of digital technologie, imaging or materials allowed to multiply the number of innovations in this area. “Innovation Review” performed a selection of the most promising startups in the field of e-health, Medtechs and Biotechs.


DIANOSIC (startup)

Treatments for the nasal cavity

The startup founded in 2017, develops two technologies. Balloons for the treatment of nose bleeding, and stents (sic) for pathologies of the nasal fossa (sic) such as epistaxis (sic) or chronic sinusitis. Those devices combine several technological layers, including an active coating to promote healing, and connectivity to contribute to an optimal remote monitoring for patients. The startup expects to kick off its clinical trials this year.

Incubator : Semia

Distinction : Wilco 2018 (Paris startup accelerator)”


150 150 Philippe Bastide

French Public Investment Bank (BPI) supports DIANOSIC

The French Public Investment Bank (BPI France, Grand Est region, Strasbourg) granted DIANOSIC funding for innovation (“aide à l’innovation”) on November  23rd, 2018 to support its Asymmetric Balloon for treatment of intranasal bleeding (epistaxis). This funding will allow DIANOSIC to make headway with several critical parts of this innovative ongoing project.

DIANOSIC would like to thank BPI Grand Est and all contributing partners for their positive assessment in this project and their trust in DIANOSIC team’s ability to push it forward. DIANOSIC is encouraged to continue making significant efforts in order to bring both patients and physicians this innovative solution.

150 150 Philippe Bastide

Grand Est Region supports DIANOSIC

On September 21st 2018, the Grand Est Region Grand Est (Strasbourg) gave DIANOSIC a grant to support its R&D activities (subvention d’ “aide à la R&D”) that will allow us to speed up our innovation program in the field of chronic rhinosinusitis. This grant will, among others, fund specific prototyping and preclinical activities that are of paramount importance to make headway on this promising and disruptive project.

DIANOSIC would like to warmly thank all key regional stakeholders that supported us thus far in this venture.

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150 150 Philippe Bastide

Raid Courrier Sud — Dianosic supports Execution consulting

In Morocco, in the footsteps of St Exupery, Courrier Sud is a 5 days running and mountain bike team (4 members) experience. Every other day, a team must have on the start lane 2 runners and 2 mountain-bikers for combined events (relays, race against time, pair race, race by four, individual race,….).

More than just a race, Courrier Sud is first and foremost and human adventure.

It is in that setting that Dianosic supported Eric Fesson, from Execution Consulting, and his teammates. Looking after a common goal, Eric and his team have demonstrated their ability to excel themselves with a flawless team spirit, getting all roadblocks out of their way. Dianosic is humbled to be associated with it and proud to have brought our small contribution to this beautiful venture. AWSOME! 👏🏻👍 



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Our CAVI-T asymmetrical intranasal balloon is now FDA-registered 🇺🇸✅

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