Dianosic x ‌La French Care

Dianosic x ‌La French Care 540 250 Marie Lahaye

We are proud to announce our collaboration with ‌La French Care, a movement that brings together innovative French healthcare players. This membership reflects our commitment to French innovation, ethics and excellence in healthcare.

We are convinced that our expertise and passion for improving patient care can help strengthen this momentum and develop innovative solutions to meet patients’ needs.


Jacques Penicaud accompany Dianosic

Jacques Penicaud accompany Dianosic 540 250 Philippe Bastide

Jacques Penicaud accompany Dianosic to prepare for launch of its first product (CAVI-T) for the treatment of intranasal bleeding (epistaxis)


As dianosic continues to make headway towards commercialization of its CAVI-T solution in intranasal bleeding, we are excited to inform you that Jacques PENICAUD will support us in preparing the launch of this innovative product. 

During his career, Jacques held different positions at Johnson & Johnson ranging from Financial controller to Sales Director and Business Unit Director for the Medical Devices segment (Advanced Wound Care, Ethicon Biosurgery, Mitek and Advanced Sterilization Products). Jacques then pursued an external opportunity as the CEO of STERIENCE (sterilization business) before joining Abbott Vascular as General Manager. 

Jacques will leverage his huge experience in the successful launch of disruptive medical technologies to strategize commercialization efforts for our CAVI-T solution. 


Jacques, we look forward to disrupting the market together!! ????

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French Public Investment Bank (BPI) supports Dianosic

French Public Investment Bank (BPI) supports Dianosic 540 250 Philippe Bastide

French Public Investment Bank (BPI) supports DIANOSIC


The French Public Investment Bank (BPI France, Grand Est region, Strasbourg) granted DIANOSIC funding for innovation (“aide à l’innovation”) on November  23rd, 2018 to support its Asymmetric Balloon for treatment of intranasal bleeding (epistaxis). This funding will allow DIANOSIC to make headway with several critical parts of this innovative ongoing project.

DIANOSIC would like to thank BPI Grand Est and all contributing partners for their positive assessment in this project and their trust in DIANOSIC team’s ability to push it forward. DIANOSIC is encouraged to continue making significant efforts in order to bring both patients and physicians this innovative solution.

Grand Est Region supports DIANOSIC

Grand Est Region supports DIANOSIC 540 250 Philippe Bastide

Grand Est Region supports DIANOSIC


On September 21st 2018, the Grand Est Region Grand Est (Strasbourg) gave DIANOSIC a grant to support its R&D activities (subvention d’ “aide à la R&D”) that will allow us to speed up our innovation program in the field of chronic rhinosinusitis. This grant will, among others, fund specific prototyping and preclinical activities that are of paramount importance to make headway on this promising and disruptive project.

DIANOSIC would like to warmly thank all key regional stakeholders that supported us thus far in this venture.

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