They support us…

DIANOSIC is supported by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI France, Grand-Est).

DIANOSIC is endorsed by the Grand Est Region.

DIANOSIC is incubated by SEMIA (since December 2017).

DIANOSIC parters closely with CONECTUS

DIANOSIC is member of Biovalley France, the competitiveness cluster of the Grand Est region (since August 2017).

DIANOSIC is member of the Lab Santé (since August 2017).

DIANOSIC is also member of  Medicen, the Paris region’s health competitiveness cluster (since August 2017).

DIANOSIC is laureate of the Wilco accelerator « Healthcare » 2018 promotion.

the company has offices at the pH8, located next to the Strasbourg University Hospital entrance (Hôpital Civil), at the heart of the city center, as well as in Malakoff (Paris region), which allows us to be as close as possible to our various business partners.

Dianosic benefited from the Innouvo “soft landing” program organized in Boston and preparing us for scaling up in the US.

Banque Populaire Rives de Paris is an important historical partner…

…and so is Caisse d’Epargne Grand Est Europe.